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Bodegas Carpe Diem celebrated the inauguration of its modern infrastructure in SCAAVO

Bodegas Carpe Diem Celebró la inauguración de sus modernas infraestructuras en SCAAVO

The new facilities feature a bottling plant and a maturation warehouse with capacity for over 500 barrels

In a historic event attended by prominent personalities, Bodegas Carpe Diem, belonging to the Andalusian Agricultural Cooperative Society Virgen de la Oliva SCAAVO, made history by inaugurating the new facilities on Saturday, March 2nd. The ceremony was opened by the president of SCAAVO, Manuel Cebrián, along with the mayor of Mollina, Eugenio Sevillano, and the Territorial Delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development in Malaga, Fernando Fernández Tapia-Ruano.

The inauguration brought together over 300 members, various mayors from the region, as well as important figures such as the manager of the Ruta del Vino Ronda y Málaga, Vanesa Robles, and the delegate of the Regulatory Council for the anniversary of the Málaga brand for wines, José Manuel Moreno.

The new infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art bottling plant capable of bottling still and sparkling wines, and a maturation warehouse with over 500 barrels in collaboration with Tonelería del Sur – Casknolia, the largest cooperage in Europe.

Manuel Cebrián highlighted that “this inauguration not only represents a significant improvement in the facilities, but also a testament to the effort, responsibility, and humility that have guided the cooperative for four years.” In the words of the president, “this achievement consolidates Bodegas Carpe Diem as an innovative and revolutionary company in the agricultural sector of the province of Malaga and Andalusia.”

This event marks the end of a challenging period, demonstrating that daily dedication and responsibility make agriculture a vital, transformative, and economic driving force for the region.

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